Being a child while still a child

Trying to identify the moment that I grew up is difficult, mostly because I am still waiting for it. I still have a childlike quality that is equal parts endearing and equal parts annoying. For many this may be a liability but now I have a playmate to mess around with I can see the benefit of keeping my Peter Pan complex.

Too many people of my age have lost the ability to have fun. Too worried about looking silly, or don’t want to take the risk that they might enjoy themselves. Being silly isn’t being grown up and we’re adults, and so should our children be. Everything in life seems to be geared towards making children be adults and it’s not something we are going to pressurise the Feliciraptor or A-Rex with.

I was never forced to grow up and neither shall they be.

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Taming of the Toddler

Tonight I came to a realisation, toddlers are like the weather. More specifically the British weather. It can be sunny one moment and the next hail and thunder and lightening and then sunny again.

Mrs G has just about adjusted to the fact we have weather in the UK and not a climate. Now The Feliciraptor has emerged from the zone of consistent and expected behaviour and become the tumultuous storm of emotions.

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No empty threats

The Feliciraptor is a punk. We tell her she is a punk and she just throws a cute face back at me. She has started to reach the age where any trouble or mischief is consciously driven, if she misbehaves she is doing it on purpose. This now means we are having to become strict with her.

The key learning I took from my childhood is if you are going to make a threat it has to be one you are going to follow through on. The child may be a punk but she also knows Daddy is not a pushover.

None of the trouble she causes is from malice, so I refuse to punish her behaviour. Instead we are trying to teach her how her actions affect other people. When she refuses to tidy up we will tidy up for her, but it does mean that some of what we tidy may end up disappearing.
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A little Picasso

Dirty nappies, bottles to wash, uncertain stains to clean. As a parent I get plenty of these on a regular basis and I look forward to the day they stop. There is also one other item that I have conflicting feelings over, another piece of child paraphanelia that I have a copious amount of.

Child artwork.

I have scriblings and paintings aplenty, pasta and food pictures galore. You want glued boxes I got twenty, but who cares, I want more.

Well not that much more because, here is some parenting honesty, almost without exception they are terrible. I know there are some out there who think their child is tapping into their inner Pollock or Dali, but one piece of childwork is cute, two okay but having enough to open an entire gallery takes the value from them.

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Eating sugar? No papa

The Feliciraptor has reached the age where we feel her cognitive abilities allow us to start teaching her what is and isn’t appropriate behaviour. We have been lucky so far that the three years of her existence has been pretty smooth, she is a great sleeper and a really fun and cheerful baby.

The only problem is that she’s a punk.

It is less than a few weeks to go until she is two, but she is already reaching the tantrum stage and our attempts to exert some influence over her behaviour are hitting a rocky patch.
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Reading time

One hobby I don’t do enough of is reading, at least reading anything that isn’t on a screen. Getting through Buzzfeed and Cracked articles is not exactly in the same league as reading Tolstoy or Steinbeck.

Yet I still read a lot of book, that is not a typo or bad grammar I just seem to be reading the same thing over and over again. The reason for this is The Feliciraptor, and as anyone with a child will tell you repetition is an integral part of having a toddler.

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Toddler exercises

The best part of having a toddler is the workout you receive just trying to keep up with them. Our own little Feliciraptor has reached the brain development stage where she is practically human and this now means we really get to have fun and play with her.

The toddler stage was the period I was most looking forward to as I really wanted us to both have fun together. Now she has reached that milestone I am not disappointed. I’m able to be silly with Mrs G but the littler one never judges me

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