Toddler exercises

The best part of having a toddler is the workout you receive just trying to keep up with them. Our own little Feliciraptor has reached the brain development stage where she is practically human and this now means we really get to have fun and play with her.

The toddler stage was the period I was most looking forward to as I really wanted us to both have fun together. Now she has reached that milestone I am not disappointed. I’m able to be silly with Mrs G but the littler one never judges me

The great thing about having a toddler to play with is that it makes me feel young again. She is like a little fountain of youth that everyone around has been able to drink from. From the very early hours of the day it is like being a kid again.

Even though it may be early her energy passes on (eventually) to us. Nothing before having a child could get me up at 7am on a Saturday, now it is considered a lie in. I live more of my life because I am awake for another 8 hours a week extra.

I also get to read more, even if they are not books of my own choosing.

I’m also aware of the latest fashions as I get taken around all the shops. I even have to make a sensible choice of how to dress our daughter so as not to fall foul of the family fashion police.

I’m also a lot more active, which although tiring is great fun. I even get to play house.

Sometimes it gets a little too much but having a nap is a good thing as it sets me up for the rest of the day.

Having a child also has pushed me to get all the odd jobs around the house done. Like getting a garden ready rather than the pile of mud we had.

If I was offered a trip to the fountain of youth I would turn it down, not only does the Feliciraptor keep me feeling young but I am enjoying growing up with her.

Author: geekergosum

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