Taming of the Toddler

Tonight I came to a realisation, toddlers are like the weather. More specifically the British weather. It can be sunny one moment and the next hail and thunder and lightening and then sunny again.

Mrs G has just about adjusted to the fact we have weather in the UK and not a climate. Now The Feliciraptor has emerged from the zone of consistent and expected behaviour and become the tumultuous storm of emotions.

Many will argue over the science of ‘Toddler Ageing’ with some in complete denial at the man-made impact on small-child behaviour. What is undeniable is the impact of this extreme attitude.

Just tonight meaning from (5pm to 7pm) I have seen:

  • Crying because we wanted music in the car
  • Crying because we played music in the car
  • Crying because we turned off the music in the car
  • Shouting because we were talking in the car
  • Screaming because we stopped singing Happy Birthday (even though it was
  • nobody in the car’s birthday)
  • A tantrum because we didn’t go that way
  • Crying because we’d dropped ‘Baby’ her doll
  • Full body paralysis when we tried to put her in the seat in the trolley at the supermarket
  • Head rocked back screaming because we had gone to the supermarket
  • Crying because she couldn’t hold the cheese
  • A tantrum over not being allowed to eat all the cheese at home
  • Being put in timeout on the bottom step because walking up the stairs safely was an issue (using your head as a guide is not the way)
  • Sitting in the bath crying because we had to continue timeout in the bath
  • Crying because we needed to put on our pullup
  • Having to go back on the timeout step because we hit Mummy because we were having to put a pull-up on
  • Crying because Daddy was carrying her back up the stairs (because we still wanted to forward roll up them)

This was just tonight.

Lest you think that our life is like living in a constant hurricane zone with imminent threat of destruction, I want to dispel that myth. Like you can’t live in some of the most beautiful places in the World without the threat of a sudden shift in the weather, nor can you take the smooth without the rough of living with a toddler.

After all tonight has also seen:

  • Being shown the biscuit we made at nursery with a huge grin
  • Telling me I did ‘Good Singing’ for my rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’
  • Laughing when we all ‘blew out’ the candles
  • Steering the trolley at the supermarket by holding my hands
  • Learning to blow bubbles in the bath
  • Singing the ‘Imperial March’ as we go from the bathroom to the bedroom
  • Still getting a cuddle before we finally go to bed


Author: geekergosum

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