Reserve some time for me

The evening routine for The Feliciraptor seems to be getting longer. As she has got older we are having to introduce new facets to going to sleep to get her to co-operate, and it is starting to reach the breaking point.

Initially the routine was simple:

Feed her dinner, bathe her, change her, dress her, put her down to sleep.

This soon became:

Feed her, bathe her, change her, dress her, read her a story, put her down to sleep.

Over time more and more steps have been added to eventually become:

Feed her dinner, have a pudding, let her walk upstairs, bathe her, play with buckets in the bath, brush our teeth, sing the Imperial March from Star Wars as we carry her to the bedroom, dry her off while she is in a ball, play ‘baby-butt’ bongos, change her, try to dress her while running around, read a story, let her re-read the book, get her in her sleep sack, say goodnight to things outside, let her close the curtains, say goodnight to the cuddly toys, cuddle Mummy, make Mummy and Daddy kiss, give Daddy a kiss, put her down to sleep.

My whole life is starting to get very busy as a parent.

In the morning it was also so simple as a singleton. I had very few responsibilities so I was able to get away with just:

Get up, get dressed and go to work.

This was great as it meant my alarm could go off just a few minutes before I needed to get out of the door. It meant I could maximise the amount of sleep I got and could go to bed later. As life progressed (and I tried to be healthier and frugal) it evolved into:

Get up, get dressed, have breakfast and go to work.

This was also fine as breakfast would consist of a cup of tea and some toast. Nothing too fancy and nothing that took too long to prepare. The only issue was boiling the kettle and having to avoid swallowing boiling hot liquid. Still once I got married (and Mrs was going to work) it became:

Get up, get dressed, make breakfast and go to work.
Responsibility for tea making was on my shoulders, because Mrs G sees any time spent waiting for a kettle to boil as wasted life. This is how it was for a long time until the Time of the Dinosaur. Then I had to:

Get up, get dressed, go put the kettle on for my tea, make (freshly ground) coffee for Mrs G, make my tea, get milk for The Feliciraptor, wake up the grumpy dino, get ready for work, get the little bit dressed, drink cold tea and go to work.
To fit all this in I am getting up earlier and earlier. It makes me worried what happens should another come along. I seem to have little time in my life to do all I want and the only place we can make temporal cuts seems to be sleep.

Soon my life while be a string of actions separated by commas with no space to add ‘rest’.

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