I’m the favourite child

I’m the favourite child. With just four words I have made sure that my sisters, mother and other assorted relatives are already reading this. Who would do something that click-baity though?

Most parents won’t tell you they have a favourite, it would ruin the careful equilibrium of any family. You never see Kris telling Khloe that Kendall is her favourite (I need to stop reading the Daily Mail).

Now that I have two children this is a trap I need to avoid falling into. After this ‘news’ report (albeit from a publication that claims wine both prevents and causes cancer) it did make me think how the ideal of treating all my children equally is likely to fail as it is to be unfair. Continue reading “I’m the favourite child”

Whisper the baby is sleeping

In the beginning we were sleeping in separate beds because, as Mrs E says, I’m a Stradivarius of sleep. I must have everything “just so” otherwise I can’t relax. Pillows and sheets have to be in a particular way, light minimised and sound below a whisper. Anything else and I drive myself mad and prevent the ability to drop off. So when Feliciraptor was waking in the middle of the night it meant I had to start all over again.

Having a two month old baby was like having a broken alarm that was ready to go off at any point, with a 90% chance it being around 5am. In those first few weeks it was hard but every day started to get much, much, better than it was. Yet I was still at the limit of rest. Continue reading “Whisper the baby is sleeping”

How can you make your house safe for babies?

There is no such thing as a safe house when it comes to children. No matter how man preventative measures you have taken they can still find a hundred ways to imperil themselves.

It is an evolutionary arms race, the more padding and locks you add the more ways to climb or pull you have introduced into thhouse. That safety guard around the fire, that’s a climbing frame of fire now. And if you don’t put on the fire then this will give them free rein to start being Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Continue reading “How can you make your house safe for babies?”

You’ve Got a Friend in Me…Have I Got a Friend in You?


Friend is kind of a thorny word for me, because I lack so much confidence.  I’m not naturally confident anyway, most especially in social situations, and of course as a preteen I suffered some hard knocks as the unpopular kid.  Being the unpopular kid in a small school (my 6th grade class had 13 kids in it) is particuarly hard because it’s not like there are other outcasts you can hang out with.

I remedied this by going to a high school where I was no exceptional nerd–in fact I graduated dead middle of my class and was revered by it.  Of course THHS had its spectrum of cliques and social groups.  There were definitely ‘cool’ kids and ‘popular’ kids.  I don’t know how these kids would have fared in your standard 3,000 kid NYC public high school, but it didn’t matter.  What was nice is that there were very few outcasts, it felt like.  I was no longer the weird nerdy one.  My friends read just as much–or more–than me.  Several were smarter, which was kind of a nice feeling.  Even better, I found a group of friends who have been my friends for life–I have now known them more years than I’ve not known them. Continue reading “You’ve Got a Friend in Me…Have I Got a Friend in You?”

Is it time to Call the Midperson?

While on my daily hate read of a certain right-wing newspaper (to make sure I am not trapped in my own bubble) I came across one of those stories that has the danger of making me agree with the BTL readership.

Roly in a Fire Engine

Needless to say the commentariat where not entirely in agreement with what was, on more than one occasion, labelled as PCGM (political correctness gone mad). Continue reading “Is it time to Call the Midperson?”

Pamper thyself

Prior to becoming pregnant, I was what you might call an admirer of beauty products.  I certainly found them alluring–I could easily spend ages in Lush and Sephora poring over products, and imagining how the potions and lotions might work their magic on me.  Occasionally, temptation would overcome me, and I would buy several products and bring them home.  I promised myself I would begin a new beauty regimen, but mostly the products just stayed on the shelf, looking attractive and promising but going unused.  I tended to favor things that were more overtly aesthetic, like clothes and makeup (what can I say, I’m a girly girl).

The same was true for spa treatments.  I love going to the spa, and swear I’m going to put aside money to make massages a regular treat for my tight shoulders, but it never seems to happen. Continue reading “Pamper thyself”

Parenting luxuries

Having two small children I am apparently allowed to bemoan my lot in life, woe is me for I have forsoke a life of pleasure and fun to propagate the species. While I don’t subscribe to this dystopian view of fatherhood there are a few things I do miss.

I’m sure I’m not alone as there are plenty of great works of literature that cover the travails of parenting, whether it is children messing around with your fur coat wardrobe and spending an entire adolescence with a Jesus lion or the dangers of searching for bears when there are obstacles that require the most direct approach. Continue reading “Parenting luxuries”