Eating sugar? No papa

The Feliciraptor has reached the age where we feel her cognitive abilities allow us to start teaching her what is and isn’t appropriate behaviour. We have been lucky so far that the three years of her existence has been pretty smooth, she is a great sleeper and a really fun and cheerful baby.

The only problem is that she’s a punk.

It is less than a few weeks to go until she is two, but she is already reaching the tantrum stage and our attempts to exert some influence over her behaviour are hitting a rocky patch.
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Reading time

One hobby I don’t do enough of is reading, at least reading anything that isn’t on a screen. Getting through Buzzfeed and Cracked articles is not exactly in the same league as reading Tolstoy or Steinbeck.

Yet I still read a lot of book, that is not a typo or bad grammar I just seem to be reading the same thing over and over again. The reason for this is The Feliciraptor, and as anyone with a child will tell you repetition is an integral part of having a toddler.

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Toddler exercises

The best part of having a toddler is the workout you receive just trying to keep up with them. Our own little Feliciraptor has reached the brain development stage where she is practically human and this now means we really get to have fun and play with her.

The toddler stage was the period I was most looking forward to as I really wanted us to both have fun together. Now she has reached that milestone I am not disappointed. I’m able to be silly with Mrs G but the littler one never judges me

The great thing about having a toddler to play with is that it makes me feel young again. She is like a little fountain of youth that everyone around has been able to drink from. From the very early hours of the day it is like being a kid again. Continue reading “Toddler exercises”

Children’s humour

I’ve just laughed at someone because they used the acronym PP. Being stuck around toddlers means my humour is purely bodily function led.

It helps that my sense of humour hasn’t departed to far from the playground. It is pretty unrefined and finds laughter in most bodily functions. Simulating and noises the body makes sends the Feliciraptor into fits of laughter and causes her to run around the room telling the same ‘joke’ (if the joke is simply blowing a raspberry). In fact one of the first jokes she learnt had a tongue rasp as the punchline.

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It’s another blog birth

Should you be concerned when you have more blogs than children? I guess the question hangs on a) how many children you have and b) how many blogs. So if the answer is two and three is that a problem?

Because this is my little one, my youngest. The spare to my heirs.

It’s also brand new, and as a result in the perilous stages of life. It is my job to nuture it, feed it and hope that within a few years I can keep it from pooping it’s trousers.

So why start another blog?

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12 times you wish you had more parenting time

I spent a long time on the stairs this evening, not going up or down but trying to make a certain little lady stay on one step. Looking at pictures of her from a year ago it is scary just how much she has come along from the lump of DNA to a strong minded toddler.

The other day I talked about how much I was looking forward to seeing her (and #2) grow up, but it is moments where you are dealing with a screaming child that you realise every moment is just hurtling by. In two years time we’ll be doing this all again while having to cope with the existential crises of a four year old.
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Trying to save the planet

I plan to leave the planet to my children but as a parent I find it very difficult to be both environmentally friendly and be an effective parent. With the limited time modern life affords I find that the polluting shortcut is easier than the time-consuming green option.
I’m embarrassed that I have not made the effort to be more tree-friendly, at work I am a shining bastion of the paper-free office, but when I am faced with an onslaught of bodily fluids I opt for the quickest way to clean rather than opting to save the polar bears.

The biggest argument for being a green parent always seems to revolve around diapers.

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